Top 10 Travel Products to Carry on All Sightseeing Trips

When you’re traveling you’re out of your comfort zone, sans all your familiar paraphernalia. For many of us there are things we cannot do without. This is where good travel products come in – they could be the difference between a great sightseeing tour and one that was full of irritations and frustrations. So, before you embark upon your sightseeing journey, make sure you carry these essential travel products with you:

1. Medicine Box

This should contain any special medication you’re on as well as basic stuff such as pain medication, anti allergic medication and generic medication for diarrhea, indigestion etc. Also carry Band-Aid and a tube of antiseptic.

2. Travel Adapter

This is particularly important if you’re traveling out of your country and the wall charging points differ from yours.

3. Smart Phone

smart-phoneToday’s smart phones perform a host of functions – they let you make calls, surf the net for information, book tickets, pay bills, etc. They also come equipped with eBook reader applications, GPS applications and games – all extremely useful for when you’re traveling.

4. Solar Charger

A solar charger to charge your gadgets is not only eco-friendly, it can be very useful if you’re going camping, or to a place where electrical supply is iffy.

5. All Purpose Duffle

The all purpose duffle bag is something that will carry all of your important travel stuff – passport, keys, charger, some snacks and even a change of clothes and shoes if you’re planning to take a day trip somewhere. Pick one that is sturdy, capacious, with strong zips and plenty of compartments.

6. Belt Purse

Many places that you travel to may be crowded and theft may be a problem. So carry money, cell phone and other important stuff in a secure belt purse that is close to you at all times.

7. Swiss Army Knife

You don’t need this one just when you’re camping. Swiss army knives come equipped with many other tools: scissors, toothpick, nail cutter, fork, torch, magnifying glass – the right one can be an all in one survival kit.

8. Essential Skin Care

Sun screen, petroleum jelly, moisturizer are essentials. Add to that any makeup or grooming products you simply cannot do without; pick small travel sized packs.

9. Duct Tape

This can come in really handy for a broken handle, the split seam of a bag and for myriad other things.

10. Water Purifier

There are many travel sized ones available and can be literally a lifesaver in some areas of the world.