5 Tips to Ensure Sound Sleep While Camping

Camping is a good way to unwind and relax yourself in the outdoors. Since there are no comfortable beds while camping, it may not be easy for many of us to get sound sleep inside the tent. If you do not get proper sleep, you won’t be able to enjoy the rest of the day.

However, with the right product and process, even the fussiest sleepers can get good sleep. Here are some tips to ensure that you get trouble free sleep while camping:

1. Sleeping Bag

If you are camping during the summer, you can use low cost sleeping bags. If you are camping during the winter, you need to use 3 season sleeping bag. Cotton sleeping bags are comfortable and provide enough warmth during the winter. Since they are bulky, folding and carrying them around can be quite a pain. Also, when they get wet, they become heavier.

sound-sleepSynthetic sleeping bags are available at low price and they offer enough warmth to get good sleep. But folding and carrying such a sleeping bag is not easy.

Woolen sleeping bags are quite soft but they take a lot of space. When they become wet, you don’t need to worry as they do not hold much water. But since they are heavy, packing and taking them along with you can be a daunting task.

Down bags are lightweight and easily foldable; they also offer the right warmth that will help you sleep like a baby. They are very costly as compared to other types of sleeping bags.

2. Sleeping Pad

Lying on your sleeping bag directly on the hard ground won’t help you get good sleep. A sleeping pad provides you the right platform for comfortable sleeping. If you make use of it, the unevenness of the ground will not trouble you. It works like an insulator which will protect you from feeling cold and harshness while you sleep.

3. Sleeping Atmosphere

Make sure the place where you sleep is free from allergens. If you are allergic to dust or sand, you should have your medicines ready. Also, you should camp at a site that won’t trigger any allergic health problem. Keep the door of the tent closed so that flies and insects do not enter inside your tent.

4. Body Temperature Regulation

Depending on the site you choose for camping, you may end up shivering or struggling to get sleep because of the heat. It is recommended to wear less amount of clothing when you go to bed. This will lower your body temperature and help you in getting good sleep. If you start feeling cold, you can simply wear a shirt or pajama pants to control the body temperature.

5. Bug Repellant

Even if you have a comfortable sleeping gear, bugs like mosquitoes can ruin your sleep. Hence, you should make use of a bug repellant when you go to sleep.