Top 10 Camping Products Not to Leave Home Without

Communing with nature and interacting with the great outdoors is all very well, but most of us need some of our creature comforts along. There are certain essential products you’d do well to carry with you to make the most of your camping vacation.  So, as you head out into the wilderness, here are the top 10 camping products that you’ll probably thank yourself for having carried along.

1. A good quality tent

The first essential of camping is a good quality tent – it should be waterproof, with a good quality ground sheet, strong zips and should be easy to put up and dismantle.

2. Sleeping bag or hammock

The sleeping bag not only makes a comfy portable bed, it also protects against the cold and critters that crawl. You can even get one of those all in one tent-cum-sleeping bag items that basically lets you set up camp anywhere, anytime. If it’s low impact camping you’re looking at, a hammock may be a better choice.


3. A good flashlight

A good flashlight, preferably with a tripod can be vitally important when camping. Pick one that has a solar charger, so that you don’t have to keep replacing the batteries as they die out.

4. Snacks that won’t spoil

Crackers, chocolate, canned food, some dried fruit, nuts and other snacks that won’t spoil will come in very handy, especially if you’re not such a dab hand at cooking over camp stoves.

5. Waterproof frame pack

If the weather turns bad, you want to have at least one item that will securely store all of your stuff and keep it away from the rain. Pick a lightweight backpack that is big but which also folds down into a small size.

6. Camp stove

The camp bonfire is a romantic and exciting prospect but most of us weren’t brought up to cook over a wood fire. So a small but powerful camp stove is a must if unless you plan to survive on twigs and berries.

7. All purpose collapsible pot

This is a most useful and ingenious camping product – a pot with handles that collapses for easy stowing and carrying, it turns into a bucket or a pot whenever required.

8. First aid kit

Basic antiseptic, anti allergy medications, bandages, pain medicine and other essentials should be in there.

9. Water purifier

If you’re going to rely on local water bodies for your drinking water, a portable water filter, or UV purifier can be vital.

10. Utility knife

A good utility knife can have built in tweezers (think thorns and splinters that need pulling out), bottle and can openers and pokers and scissors as well.