San Francisco – Sightseeing at the City by the Bay

Otherwise known as the City by the Bay, San Francisco is a famous city situated within the state of California. Specifically located at the Eastern side of America, San Francisco has always been deemed as one of the most favorite vacation sites among families, couples and even the children of varying races and languages.

Until today, despite the unresolved conflicts and controversies faced by the entire state of America, San Francisco has never lost its appeal as it continues to attract tourists and investors alike. Such intense appeal is due to the varying sights to see, places to visit and activities to engage in. Besides that, people can’t help but see the place for themselves as San Francisco has become a favorite setting for blockbuster movies such as the famous Escape from Alcatraz, Titanic, 50 First Dates, The Wedding Planner and Sweet November.

san-francisco-city-bayBased on these facts, here are the best sights to see at San Francisco City.

1. Cable Car Ride

One of the first things to do when tourists arrived at San Francisco and start to explore the place is take a random overview of the city by basically riding a cable car. Cable cars in San Francisco basically take on three different routes, each of which has its own respective destinations. For tourists, having to ride San Francisco’s cable car is not just a sight to see but simply an overwhelming experience.

2. Experience China in San Francisco’s Chinatown

One of the routes that cables car take in San Francisco passes through one of city’s famous sights, the Chinatown. Chinatown is not just any other ordinary sight to see. The place is basically filled with Chinese nationals along with their native products, authentic Chinese food and dishes and their famous beliefs in the power of herbs, teas and organic style of living. So when you want get a glimpse of China, San Francisco’s Chinatown is the best place for you to see.

3. Lombard Street

The Lombard Street is indeed another famous sight to see. It is considered as the most crooked street that naturally exists in the City of San Francisco, driven only in a downward direction. Checking this one of a kind street will definitely bring tourists in total amazement.

4. The Alcatraz

The only famous prison in the world, the Alcatraz is indeed a shelter for prisoners, which isolated in an island located at the heart of San Francisco. While tourists can view from afar, those who wish to actually see the facility per se can take on ferry ride heading to the place and back.

5. The Golden Gate

The Golden Gate Bridge, along with its park has never failed to magnetized locals and tourists alike. Anywhere in the City of San Francisco, the bridge can actually be seen due to intense length and height. It is now wonder why it is the most common sight and subject in photography, movies and events.