Caribbean Sightseeing: The Sea, Islands and Coasts

The Caribbean is basically composed of the Caribbean Sea and the surrounding islands and coasts, such as The Bahamas, Cuba, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico just to mention a few. Specifically located between the southern part of the North America and the northern regions of South America, the Caribbean Islands and sea was found to be located at a perfect spot where tourists and locals of the neighboring Western countries can easily access the beautiful and equally odd and eccentric countries within its circle. Besides that, foreign nationals find the Caribbean equally interesting as other countries of the world are.

Today, many people make it a point to make the Caribbean one of their vacation destinations. For many years that the sea and the Islands of the Caribbean have been in existence, such location has never failed its tourists and other foreign visitors to bring them into subtle amazement. More so, the Caribbean has significantly made important marks and impact not just to the Western region but in all over the globe as well. Don’t forget to visit these places while on your Caribbean sightseeing tour:


Thus, in today’s highly demanding times, people must spare some time to check out and gift their eyes with the wonderful, exotic and fascinating sites that will only be seen at the Caribbean region. By basically taking the famous Caribbean cruise, tourists can actually take an in-depth tour of the entire place and be stunned by these elegant sites to see.

1. El Morro

Sitting pretty within the Islands of Puerto Rico, El Morro is actually a fortress that protects the city of San Juan. However, today, El Morro has been considered as one of the World’s Heritage Site as tourists can view several important historical facts, which greatly influenced the existence of such solid citadel, until this modern age and time.

2. Dunn’s River Falls

Labeled as Jamaica’s most famous waterfalls, Dunn’s River Falls takes on an image of several terraces arranged in a stair-like fashion. Through it flows cool and smooth sunning waters that directly exits to the mouth of a sea. In addition to that, tourists can fully appreciate this beautiful sight when they climb up the waterfalls and take a breathtaking view from the top.

3. Ardastra Gardens

Ardastra Gardens is popularly known as the dynamic spot, located at the Island of Bahamas. Such site is a combination of a zoo, conservation center and several numbers of gardens, which tourists and locals alike will truly enjoy. Besides that, natural and manmade wonders that represent the Island per se will truly be appreciated as they are viewed in actuality.

4. Blue Lagoon Island

Another site that tourists should not miss is the Blue Lagoon Island. Tourists who personally love animals and the waters will definitely jump for glee as they are given the chance, not just to view the dolphins residing in such attraction but can also play and interact with in the waters. With this extraordinary experience, tourists will never regret visiting the place.