Top 5 US Beaches for Kids Sightseeing

There are hundreds of beaches in the US. But not all beaches are suitable to spend good time with children. However, there are quite some beaches that offer fantastic facilities and activities for children. Here are some of the most popular fun filled beaches in the United States that your kids will love to visit.

1. Cannon Beach, Oregon

It is an exotic beach situated 80 miles from Portland in Oregon. Since the climate remains favorable throughout the year, it receives huge crowd even during off-season. You can check out tide pools, go paragliding, swim, build sandcastles, fly kites, and do many more activities at this beach.

2. Coast Guard Beach, Massachusetts

Not only the beach offers you turquoise waters but also the beach is flanked with numerous restaurants and shopping areas. Summer is the peak season of the beach and during this time, thousands of families from across the globe come to this beach. Bodysurfing, paragliding, fishing, sailing and learning about the endangered flora and fauna are what you can involve your children in, at this magnificent beach.


3. Daytona Beach, Florida

The beach stretches over 23 miles and is naturally decorated with dazzling sand. It offers various exciting activities for children. Your children will be simply amazed by witnessing the adventurous wildlife of the Daytona Beach. The Kennedy Space Center will let your kid go on a virtual tour to any area of the earth, check out giant rockets, and enter inside a simulated spaceflight.

4. Poipu Beach Park, Hawaii

The Hawaiian island called Kauai offers one of the best places for kids vacations called Poipu Beach Park. The water at the beach is quite shallow which makes it suitable for youngsters to learn swimming, surfing and bodysurfing. The Pacific waters will let your kids see creatures like turtles, dolphins and various species that are on the verge of extinction.

5. Sanibel Island, Florida

Florida brings to you another beach which is located at the Sanibel Island that will let your children have fun-filled time. Even this beach offers shallow waters that allow children to learn swimming and participate in various water sports and activities without any danger. The Wildlife Refuge is a must-see destination of this island as it showcases nearly 250 species of birds and animals.