Top 5 Things to Do in Austria

Austria has so much to offer the visitor – breathtaking natural beauty, art, music, history and so much besides. Whether it is the romance you seek or adventure you crave, or just a wonderful family holiday, Austria suits all types of vacations. There are numerous activities you can indulge in during your sightseeing tour to Austria. But here are the top 5 ones that you can’t afford to miss out.

1. Art and Architecture

The country of Austria has a history dating back over a thousand years – turbulent, fascinating, riveting history. So it is the art and the architecture here that tells its own tale. The artists have etched the fragments of times into timeless frames of their paintings.

Austrian architects created marvels over the ages that we can wonder at even today. The Hofburg Imperial Palace and others in Vienna, St. Peter Abbey, are some of the examples of Austria’s stunning past whereas the blob-shaped Kunsthaus Graz, nicknamed the Friendly Alien is a product of contemporary sensibilities.

2. The Alps

austriaIt isn’t just the Austrian Alps and the ski resorts that Austria has to offer, but other aspects of stunning natural beauty as well. Take a bike ride along the Blue Danube or a swim in the waters of the crystal clear mountain lakes; or simply watch a gentler, slower form of life as you want the cattle crossing mountain pastures.

3. Sound of Music

Austria was the birth place of Mozart and visiting the birth place of the musical genius would delight any classical music lover. And if it is music of another type that you like you can visit the very streets that the Sound of Music was shot in Salzburg. You can follow in the footsteps of the Von Trapp family by visiting Leopoldskron Castle, Nonnberg Abbey, Mondsee Church as well and so on.

Enjoy the Viennese Waltz – the music and the dance that is; and if you are so inclined you can take some lessons in yodeling as well!

4. Food and Wine

There is more to Austrian cuisine that crisp apple strudel and wiener schnitzels. Indeed the authentic Austrian cuisine may itself make the trip worth your while! And then there are the Austrian wines – enjoy a visit to the many vineyards or simply break out a bottle of the best full bodied red! And for teetotalers there is coffee to be enjoyed at the traditional Viennese Kaffeehaus.

5. Adventure

Skiing is not the only sport you can enjoy in Austria. Biking along the winding hill roads, discovering hamlets tucked off the beaten track or any other adventure that your heart desires is possible in Austria.