Sightseeing in the Greek Island of Corfu

The Greek island of Corfu is the second largest of the Ionian Islands and includes a number of smaller satellite islands. It is a place of stunning beaches and magnificent natural beauty, but it is also an area of historical and mythological significance.

Corfu has something to offer everyone: the sun worshippers who just want to laze in the sun as well as the history enthusiasts who want to browse the castles and the charming traditional communities of the area.

The weather is mild and sunny all the year round, which makes Corfu holidays popular all through the year. All sorts of enjoyable activities await those who decide to visit Corfu. The local vineyards and olive plantations offer scenic beauty as well as the opportunity to visit them for a new and interesting experience.

Accommodation ranges from the modest to the extravagant. So whether it is budget hotels one is looking for or the luxury resorts; beautiful villas or apartments rented for a longer duration, a charming local setting such as a small rural setting or a sea facing villa that you pick; it’s all available in Corfu.


It could be that you have been dreaming about Corfu for the longest time, planning a trip for months, or it could be that you unexpectedly found yourself with some few free days on hand and want to head out to a beautiful and exotic locale. Either way, you can have a Corfu holiday tailored to your requirements – your budget, the number of days you have, your preferences in terms of location and activities – it can all dovetail with your requirements.

If you are looking to enjoy an unforgettable and once in a lifetime honeymoon to the island, you can pick an exclusive resort or villa that ensures complete privacy and luxury that an intimate couple may be looking for. On the other hand you could be part of a group of students looking to enjoy a novel and memorable holiday. Holidays for families, business jaunts and even spa packages are all on offer when you book a Corfu holiday.

Corfu is traditionally one of the most sought after holiday destinations and is now within easy reach for any of us; even those who may wonder how to do the travel arrangements, hotel bookings and sightseeing in a distant country you have never been to before!