Scuba Diving the Manacles in Cornwall, England

England is not likely to be at the top of your list for a scuba diving holiday but the waters off the south western county of Cornwall offer world class diving in a picturesque setting. With the most temperate climate in the country and the clear, clean waters of the Atlantic Gulf Stream, there is no reason that Cornwall shouldn’t be your next diving holiday destination!

The Manacles Cornwall scuba diving

The most popular dive location in Cornwall would be The Manacles, a spectacular coral reef that covers approximately 1 square mile. It’s among the best scenic diving destinations in the British Isles. The Manacles reef system breaks the surface and dive sites vary from 0 to 45m. Once off of the Manacles, you can get down to around 65m.

What are you likely to see on your reef dive adventure at The Manacles? Well there have been more shipwrecks here than any other similar reef on the south coast of Britain; so this is the place for some spectacular wreck dives. With about 50 wrecks to explore, you aren’t likely to get bored of the area quickly. If wreck diving isn’t your thing, then you’ll be amazed by the sea life on show, from Basking Sharks and porpoises, to jewel anemones and forests of soft coral.

Staying in a self catering holiday cottage can make your scuba diving holiday in Cornwall even more enjoyable. With the space to store all of your equipment and the freedom to come and go as you choose, there really is no better option. Just imagine coming back from a breathtaking dive and curling up in front of roaring fire in the privacy of your own holiday cottage! What could be better than that?