What Is Reading Festival in England All About?

Reading is a town located in the southern part of England, more exactly in Berkshire where the river Thames intersects another major watercourse. It is the town where Jane Austen attended school, the one mentioned by Jerome K. Jerome in his famous book Three men in a Boat and the one where Oscar Wilde spent several years in jail. However, Reading was made famous mostly by one thing and that is the Reading Festival. The site was chosen for the event more than 35 years ago and with minor interruptions, the festival has gathered numerous music enthusiasts from different parts of the world each year.

Reading Festival, UK

Reading Festival is held every year during what is known as the Bank Holiday weekend. It represents an important tradition for the British and especially for the residents of the town, but the truth is that the festival gathers people from all over the world and with a different taste in music. Popular genres present at Reading include rock, punk but also rap and indie. Reading Festival has become even more known in the past few years, with the number of acts present having diversified. Reading residents have been attracted by the varied music genres listed for the festival but also by the dance, comedy or cabaret acts. During the few days the festival is taking place, the town buzzes with life and excitement.

Two years ago, almost 80,000 people visited Reading and camped at the site of the festival. The town and particularly, Little John’s Farm where the festival is held seemed to be alive with action. The town’s administration, police and other forces were all involved with the Reading festival. Campsites were made available for visitors and free camping was offered with the tickets purchased for the weekend.

Going back in time, we would have to say that Reading benefitted a lot from the festival, with grand names arriving each year to sing. Memorable years of the Reading festival include 1991 and 1992 with Kurt Cobain’s representation but also the ones when legends like Metallica or Alice Cooper played. The fact that rap acts were included within Reading festival brought even more attendees, increasing people’s fascination with the town of Reading. Ice Cube practically dazzled the year he played and the audience loved him.

2008 Reading Festival was a major success, with all of the tickets being sold in just a couple of hours. Music lovers from various parts of the world arrived at the site of the festival, discovering not only one of the most amazing festivals but also a town that has plenty to offer. Each year, they will keep on returning for more great music, listening to fine guitar tunes and showing their fascination for the world of rock. As for Reading, it will keep on becoming famous, thanks to the people who visit it each and every year. French, Dutch, Americans or Australians – they all have something to say about Reading and it all starts with the awesome tunes they’ve heard!