Portugal: Diverse Destinations on a Budget

Think of a holiday in Portugal and you’ll probably conjure up images of golden sands lapped by calm clear waters, flanked by dramatic cliffs with a scattering of rocky outcrops dotted along the beach and secluded coves tucked away along the shimmering coastline.

That’s the Algarve for you – and if you’re after cheap holidays in Portugal this is definitely the place to be. Whether you want fun-packed days with the kids, lively nights out with friends or the chance to live it up in the lap of luxury, the Algarve is bursting with a great range of different resorts that’s bound to provide the perfect tonic for your Summer getaway.

And what’s more, with the availability of package holidays and highly competitive prices between tour operators you can now get away for less – taking the stress out of your holiday and ensuring you get exactly what you want without making compromises. A great place to start is Thomas Cook – a well-established tour operator that’s been in the business for decades.


Or if you fancy something different to the package style holiday, why not go your own way? By booking flights and accommodation separately you’ll miss out on the support network offered by major tour operators, but if you want the flexibility of choosing your own airport and maybe even staying in different hotels during your visit, then this could be the way to go.

One stunning location that’s not to be missed is Lisbon – capital of Portugal and a real gem of a city with quaint cobbled streets, breathtaking architecture and of course the ancient castle of Belem Tower. Here you’ll find plenty of sightseeing opportunities and a glorious blend of ancient and contemporary that’s bound to live in your memories for many years to come.