4 Fun Attractions in Puerto del Carmen

Puerto del Carmen is the most popular travel destination in the Lanzarote Islands, which sees a huge traffic of tourists every year. This is why almost the entire economy of the town revolves around tourism. Puerto del Carmen is a powerful magnet for Germans, English and Scottish people, who wish to experience the best tropical holiday. There are a lot of great things you can do here. Here are a few examples.


1. Dive Centers

Puerto del Carmen is home to many dive centers which rent equipment for one of the most loved water sports, scuba diving. The waters surrounding the port offer great conditions for this sport. The water is almost always warm – between 19 and 23 degrees – and it is also very clear, which means over 25 meters of visibility. If you are fond of water and land sports you can also try diving, surfing, cycling or windsurfing.

2. Shopping

Everything in the city is designed for tourists. This is why there are a lot of souvenir shops and interesting boutiques available in the Old Town. The New Town is home to numerous bars, restaurants and lounges. Outdoor terraces overlooking the marina can be found in the famous Old Town. Something you should not miss is the newly built Biosfera Plaza which includes a lot of world-known brands and entertainment centers. If you are feeling adventurous you can also boogie in the night clubs which usually close after 6 am.

3. Sightseeing

The most impressive luxury resort on the island, the Puerto del Carmen has access to everything, from the best beaches, to the most incredible views, excellent services and captivating arcades and casinos. You cannot truly understand the experience of an all-inclusive luxury holiday, until you have experienced it for yourself.

4. Fiesta de Nuestra Señora del Carmen

You probably didn’t know that the resort has a festival of its own. It is called Fiesta de Nuestra Señora del Carmen, which is the patron saint of Puerto del Carmen, and it is celebrated at the end of July. The celebrations attract thousands of tourists every year, who dance, sing and set boats out to the sea for good luck.

These are four excellent ideas for you to do during your stay in Puerta del Carmen, when you are not sunbathing of course. For more fun in the sun all you have to do is creative. There are so many things to do in this wonderful resort, that it is almost impossible to ever get bored over here.