Corsica Island: Enrich Your Sightseeing Experience with Hiking and Trailing

At the Mediterranean region, there are many tourist destinations. However, among them the most popular is the Corsica Island. If hiking is your favorite camping activity, Corsica is the best place to enjoy it. When you view the topographical map of the island, you will come to know that major portion of the island is covered by mountains. However, when you actually visit the Corsica Island, you can enjoy the scenic beauty and natural preserves.

For nature lovers, there are plenty of things they can do to here as it is blessed with lofty mountains, spectacular beaches and numerous old structures.


Corsica is often referred to as ‘the mountains in the sea’. Monte Cinto (2706m), Monte Rotondo (2622m) and Punta Minuta (2556m) are some of the mountains located around the sparkling Mediterranean Sea. While hiking, make sure you visit the following places:


  • Plage de Salaeccia and Plage du Lotto are some of the fascinating beaches of Corsica.
  • At the outskrits of Corte, you can find the see the beautiful Restonica River. It is a great place to enjoy swimming. At the Restonica Vally, you can take pleasure in hiking and climbing.
  • Yet another place to enjoy hiking at Corsica is Cap Corse. It is a 40-kilometer long peninsula beautifully located at the northern tip of the Corsica island.

Long Distance Walking

Corsica has many long distance walking trails. Walking along the 180-kilometer long stretch of GR 20 is one of the most difficult trails in the world. The entire stretch can be completed in about 17 days. The best time to go on a trail is during the early fall. While you walk on the lengthy stretch of GR 20, you may come across strong summer storms and lightning.

Even though you can follow the trail marks to reach the destination, to make sure you are walking on the track, you need to carry topographical map. Mare e Mare trails which means Sea to Sea trails is also a very popular trail which takes about 11 days to complete the trail. Another trail called Mare e Monti trails takes about 10 days to complete.

Other Activities

The 1,000 kilometer coastal region of Corsica offers its visitors beautiful Caribbean style beaches. Apart from hiking and trailing, there are plenty of activities you can do such as fishing, kayaking, rafting, diving, paragliding, horse trekking, sunbathing, swimming, and many more.