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5 Must-See Historical Sites in Italy

Of all the beautiful locations in Europe that call the holiday traveler, Italy is a trip like no other. An amazing blend of Greek, Roman, Etruscan, and European culture, Italy has a history and culture unlike any you will find anywhere else in Europe. ...Read More

Enjoying a Self-Drive Car Tour in Italy

Italy boasts some awe-inspiring landscapes, magnificent architecture and a culinary excellence celebrated throughout the world. And, no surprise, it can be expensive. However, when you compare car hire prices online, it soon becomes evident that some great deals are available and that a self-drive ...Read More

Sightseeing in Paris: The French City of Love

As the capital city of France, Paris has been famous ever since the beginning of time. Browsing through many historical accounts of the world, one can obviously find the city of Paris in most of the significant events, particularly those that involve the large ...Read More

Vienna: Sightseeing in the Heart of Austria

Centrally located in the continent of Europe, Austria is a country which appears to be lost in translation. But in actual light, Austria is undeniably a country filled with vast and interesting kind of culture, tradition and people. Comprised of nine equally interesting states, ...Read More

Top 5 Things to Do in Austria

Austria has so much to offer the visitor – breathtaking natural beauty, art, music, history and so much besides. Whether it is the romance you seek or adventure you crave, or just a wonderful family holiday, Austria suits all types of vacations. There are ...Read More

Top 10 Sightseeing Places of Austria

Dotted with Alpine mountains, valleys, meadows and lakes, Austria is bound to leave you breathless with its amazing landscapes. Mother Nature has generously endowed this little European country with enormous beauty. Apart from nature lovers, Austria also holds a great significance for history buffs ...Read More

4 Fun Attractions in Puerto del Carmen

Puerto del Carmen is the most popular travel destination in the Lanzarote Islands, which sees a huge traffic of tourists every year. This is why almost the entire economy of the town revolves around tourism. Puerto del Carmen is a powerful magnet for Germans, ...Read More