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Top 5 Snorkeling Destinations in Vanuatu

With good weather most of the year and 83 islands to choose from, Vanuatu is a prime destination for snorkelers. Because of the sub-tropical climate of the island it is usually quite easy to find Vanuatu holiday deals from most places. Plan your trip, pack your swimsuit and head on down to the best snorkeling destinations in the South Pacific. Here are 5 great places to snorkel in Vanuatu.

Vanuatu Snorkeling destinations

1. Pele Island

This small island, off the main island of Efate, has some of the best snorkeling to be found. The island is surrounded by reefs and white sandy beaches. The aqua water is very clear, warm and filled with marine life such as tropical fish, giant clams, reef sharks, a variety of rays, green sea turtles and beds of coral. If you choose a tour that takes you a little further out to sea then you can expect to see dolphins as well.

2. Efate

White sandy beaches and water that alternates between turquoise, emerald and aqua (and is clear enough to see the bottom) is what snorkelers can expect in Port Vila. An interesting experience in Port Vila is snorkeling down to the world’s only Underwater Post Office. You begin by purchasing a waterproof postcard on land and filling it out with a special pen. Then you swim down to the post office and mail it. Visitors can see scuba divers arriving and taking the postcards for mailing around the world.

3. Mystery Island

Located across from the island of Tanna, Mystery Island is uninhabited and unspoiled. Take a boat trip from Tanna to get here, bring a picnic lunch and while away the hours is peace and quiet. Legend has it that Mystery Island is haunted but do not let a few ghosts scare you away from the delights of snorkeling in these vibrantly blue waters.

4. Espiritu Santo

This island has a number of places that are highly recommended for snorkeling. Barrier Beach is known for white sands and large coral beds, Champagne Beach is considered one of the best beaches in the South Pacific and is so called because the water sparkles in its brightness and the Matevulu Blue Hole is so incredibly blue that is almost looks dyed – but it is not. Surrounded by tropical flowers in shades of red and hot pink and an enormous tree with a rope this is a place to spend the day.

5. Malo Island

This island is less-known, great for snorkeling and a wonderful way to feel the vibes of village life. The beaches have white sands, the water is clear and there is a good chance that you will be one of the few tourists on the island. Snorkel on the coast, along water-ways and next to coconut plantations on this charming island.

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