Top 5 Sightseeing Places of Melbourne, Australia

Australia is an evidently small continent and country that is specifically located at the southeastern portion of the globe. Despite its significantly small land area, it cannot be denied that the entire country is filled with amusements, interesting places and various adventurous activities, which tourists find subtly unbelievable with its size. What makes this country more interesting and inviting to tourists, guests and investors is that it has been adequately developed and improved to go along with the changing times. But besides this fact, it has perfectly preserved the authenticity of its beauty, elegance and simplicity as well as its ancient beginnings through the test of time.

One of the famous cities sitting at the heart of Australia is Melbourne. While most people only recognize its counterpart, Sydney, Melbourne is but another interesting city par equal to the city of Sydney. Melbourne is basically situated at the southern region of the Island and is known to be a point of entry to the vast number of investors and tourists alike.


To give you a glimpse of what Melbourne is, here a list of the most interesting and famous sights to see in Melbourne City.

1. Phillip Island Penguin Parade

The Phillip Island Penguin Parade is a sight tourists should never miss. Such parade usually happens in the evening and requires onlookers to travel at night to arrive at Phillip Island in time for the parade. Obviously, penguins will entertain you with its cute strides along with other wildlife animals such as mutton birds and an array of other seabirds.

2. Melbourne Aquarium

Melbourne Aquarium is no typical aquarium. It comes with large marine creatures that meet and greet tourists as they travel along the entire course of the trip. In taking this breathtaking tour, prepare to be seemingly dumped in a pool of various sea creatures that will definitely bring any one in awe amazement.

3. Melbourne Zoo

Besides experiencing the beauty of the waters, Melbourne also comes to possess an array of animals of various species and features, which are eccentric not only in Australia but also in other parts of the world. While some tourists consider it too historical, the animals contained within are typically unique and interesting considering that it is housed in a seemingly genuine habitat.

4. Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is indeed a great road to travel on. Tourists taking this route can actually see perfect scenery of the beach, the sun and some free standing rocks that equally make the entire view breathtaking.

5. Federation Square

The Federation is a place where a mix of attractions resides. Tourists can choose what they want to see and where they want to go as parks, museums, galleries, theaters, restaurants and café fill the place with love, laughter and lie.