Tagaytay (Philippines) Sightseeing Adventures

Located at the suburban area of a province in the Philippine archipelago, Tagaytay is a city that has gained popularity over the period of existence. Its perfect landscape along with the cool, moist type of climate that is evident throughout the year makes this city equally popular to other well recognized tourist destinations around the world. For many years, Tagaytay has been consistent in inviting numerous tourists and investors to visit and check out the natural beauty the entire city comes in actual possession.

Today, along with Tagaytay’s naturally possessed beauty and elegance, technology has a way for tourists to satisfactorily enjoy the place by having sights to see, more places to explore and a variety of activities to do. More so, besides the sumptuous meals found in the city, tourists can actually feast their eyes with the breathtaking sceneries and views that can only be seen in the City of Tagaytay.


Here are several famous sight seeing places tourists can feast on in Tagaytay.

1. Taal Volcano

One of the most famous volcanoes found in the Philippines is the Taal Volcano. Claimed to be the smallest in the world, Taal Volcano is definitely a sight to see as it is magnificently surrounded by a lake that exudes radiance in blue cool waters. Taking a tour around such active volcano and actually seeing this site will truly bring fascination and awe among its visitors.

2. Picnic Grove

In finding a place to rest, relax and breathe fresh air, Picnic Grove is definitely the best place to choose. It is basically a mini park where various interesting sites can be seen as well as several enjoyable things to do. In Picnic Grove, tourists can actually take a see the entire City of Tagaytay by riding the zipline or taking the cable car. Besides these, tourists will have the chance to see the park either by hike or by riding a horse, as in horseback riding.

3. Palace in the Sky

Intentionally built to be a residential house of one of the Philippine presidents, Palace in the Sky has become a tourist destination for the general public. This is one fantastic sight to see because beside the actual palace, a magnificent view of the Taal Lake and Taal Volcano can be perfectly seen at this site. Thus, a lot people still find it interesting to actually see the place and experience what it’s like to be on top.

4. St. Anne’s Shrine

A significant site to see, especially among Catholic Christians, is the St. Anne Shrine. It might just be a typical grotto when tourists take a first look at it. But taking a closer will definitely change the first impression, as such shrine has been beautifully carved, along with blooming colorful flowers that surround the place.

5. The Flower Farm

The Flower Farm is another wonderful sight to see. This evidently vast land of flowers that are of different kinds and colors truly entice tourists to explore this unique attraction.