Sightseeing in Bangkok: Thailand’s City of Angels

Thailand is a popular country situated in central region of the entire continent of Asia. Browsing through its history, Thailand has evidently went through several challenges and strife in order to actually be independent from the dictates of the prominent conquerors and dictators, particularly from the West. But despite these struggles, Thailand has always been thankful to have undergone such trials because they have taught it to work hard and persevere in order to be successful in the common goals that have been set.

It is no wonder why Thailand was able to establish Bangkok as its capital city. Bangkok today, remains to be recognized as the Thailand’s largest and most advanced city, particularly in the aspects of politics, culture, industry and marketing. Besides that, Bangkok is comprised of numerous districts that have individually contributed to the gradual improvements and advancements that facilitated Bangkok to be stable.


Thus, it cannot be argued that Bangkok possesses a lot of amusements and entertainment that can truly compensate the hard work that it has been exerting to maintain its status. Here are some of the famous sightseeing places any local or tourist can enjoy, depending on whether they opt to view such sites by day or by night.

1. Ancient City

Perfectly viewed during the day, the Ancient City is a theme park which features the oldest relics and documents that basically make the country’s rich history. Also, within this outdoor park is a temple made of wood, which possesses naturally carved designs. Tourists will definitely find great amazement when actually seeing such site.

2. Crocodile Farm

Famous for handling shows, the crocodiles residing in the Crocodile Farm have been trained to entertain locals and tourists alike. This farm also allows visitors to feast their eyes with crocodiles in various sizes and unique features.

3. Rice Barge Cruise

Touring the narrow waterways found within the City of Bangkok is one interesting sight that tourists should not deprive themselves of. Along with seeing green and serene view, tourists can have the chance to visit an actual farmer’s house as well as having to enjoy a beautiful rice barge sail.

4. Rose Garden

The Rose Garden is another site to see when visiting Bangkok. The Rose Garden is not just a typical garden as it offers Thai villagers entertainment in the form of various arts, crafts, folk dancing and even Thai wedding ceremonies.

5. Handicraft Villages

In visiting the Handicraft Villages, tourists will have the chance to know and appreciate the artistic talent of most Thais. Such fact are reflected on the products that Thailand produces such as paper umbrellas, lacquerware and carved woods.