Exploring the Great Pyramids of Egypt

One of the most intriguing and mysterious tourist attractions is the Great Pyramids of Egypt. For people who love history, this place is an amazing wonder that can take you back in time. Pyramids were created as tombs for high profile Egyptians.

The great pyramids of Egypt

Even the tomb of the famous Biblical character named Pharaoh who ruled over Egypt during the time of Exodus can be found in one of the pyramids. Though the pyramids were created several hundred years ago, the artisans of that time created such a marvel that the beautiful monuments have been able to withstand several centuries.

There are numerous pyramids to explore in Egypt. There are around 90 to 110 pyramids out there. Archaeologists and historians are still able to discover small pyramids in the recent times. However, many of the small pyramids do not have tombs but are just piles of rubble.

The Great Pyramid of Giza

One of the most preferred places for visiting is the site of Giza. Over the plateau of the pyramid, one can see the large-sized Sphinx. It is so popular across the world that it was ranked among the Seven Wonders of the World. Believe it or not, it holds the record for the only monument from the ancient times to be still standing.

Abu Rawash

Another well-known pyramid located at the northernmost region is called Abu Rawash. Lepsius, a pyramid that can also be found in the north is one pyramid that was initially thought to be uncompleted pyramid. However, later on when archaeologists researched on it, they came to realize that it was a complete pyramid and it was only few hundred years ago that Romans had excavated it.


There is another region called Abusir where you can see 57 pyramids. However, these pyramids appear to be made of up inferior quality that indicates that those were built when Egypt was losing its power and economy.

Since several centuries, the Great Pyramids of Egypt have been one of the most sought after tourist destinations. Many of the pyramids have been disfigured, robbed or chipped away by people who wish to take home a piece of the historical pyramid as a souvenir. Hence, tourists are not allowed to enter inside the pyramid. In spite of this, tourists still come to see the outer beauty of the pyramids. It surely reflects the structure building skills and the intelligence of the people that lived hundreds of centuries ago.